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The first LEGO I ever owned came in several plastic tubs I inherited from my uncle. There was a lot of classic LEGO from the early 80s, but I was still just a kid. To me, that LEGO was just an excellent toy with which I spent many hours – no plans, no boxes, and no one telling me what I could or could not build.

That first experience with LEGO shaped my entire outlook on it and how I would feel about it for the rest of my life. So, does it seem crazy that one guy makes an entire site about a toy like LEGO, especially since there are so many other sites out there dedicated to LEGO? What makes my site different? Why did I even start a site like this?

Well, the first reason is pretty obvious. I love LEGO and I also love telling other people about that fact, so what better way to spread the love than a website filled with LEGO stuff? I’ve also tried to make a LEGO fan site that isn’t as niche or specialized as other websites that deal with the same subjects. When I say that I love LEGO, I’m not just talking about the toys themselves. There’s a lot to LEGO besides just the actual plastic toys, and I’d like people to know about that.

I’m a guy that works with computers and other nerdy people all day; LEGO is one of the things that helps me disconnect from that rat race and almost achieve a state of Zen. In preparing this site, I’ve realized that I like writing about LEGO almost as much as I enjoy playing with them. Hopefully you’ll love reading about them here too!